Welcome to Little Heart warriors

Darryl Edward Sanchez Jr. Born 8/09 was diagnosed at 1 day old with HLHS. His first surgery was 9/7/09 (Norwood). Darryl caught MRSA in his incision and had a feeding tube placed. Darrly underwent multiple procedures to remove infection and close his chest incision. He was released and came home on 12/15/09. Darryl's second surgery was on 4/8/10 (Glenn). He was released and came home on 4/12/10. Darryl's third surgery was 1/17/12 (Fontana). He was released to come home on 1/20/12. He is now a happy "normal" two year old . He loves playing outside and doing what a kid should do. He keeps up very well with his peers now. You would never know he has a heart problem unless I told you or you see his scars. <3